Grants Funded

2022-2027 Kimberly A. Tyler, PI. “Street Experiences, Affect, and Coping: Harnessing Computational Models for the Development of a Cellphone-Based Intervention to Prevent Drug Use among Youth Experiencing Homelessness.” National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). 1R01DA054969-01A1. NOA: August 15, 2022 ($3,404,167). 8/15/2022-6/30/2027.

2023 Omaha World Herald Article

2021-2023  Kimberly A. Tyler, Co-I. "Mapping the Co-Evolution of Craving, Affect, Stressors, and Access to Alcohol Using Responsive EMA." National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. ($427,625).

2020-2022  Kimberly A. Tyler, Co-I. "Evaluating Psychophysiological Mechanisms of Early Childhood Teachers' Stress Resilience and their Relevance for Preschoolers' Self-Regulation." National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. ($412,863).

2019-2024  Kimberly A. Tyler, Co-Director, Longitudinal Networks Core (LNC) COBRE. "Rural Drug Addiction Research Center."  National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health. ($11,854,178.00).

2014-2017  Kimberly A. Tyler, PI. “Stressors, Protective Factors, and Substance Use among        Homeless Youth and Young Adults” (R21) ($408,768.00).

2013-2014 Kimberly A. Tyler, Co-I. “Intensive Referral Intervention to Improve Substance Use Disorder Treatment Outcomes:  Training and Implementation of Peer Support Specialists and Follow-up.” Substance Use Disorder Quality Enhancement Research Initiative. ($17,825.00).

2012-2013  Kimberly A. Tyler, Co-I. “Intensive Referral Intervention to Improve Substance Use Disorder Treatment Outcomes among Rural and Highly Rural Veterans.” Office of Rural Health. ($155,000.00).

2011-2013  Kimberly A. Tyler, Co-I. “Substance Abuse and Violence Initiative.”

UNL Strategic Research Cluster Grant. ($90,330.00).

2007-2009 Kimberly A. Tyler. “Social Networks, HIV Risk Behaviors, and Homeless Youth.” National Institute of Drug Abuse (R21) ($358,763.00).


2002-2007 Kimberly A. Tyler. “Neglect and Abuse Histories Among Homeless Youth Adults.” National Institute for Mental Health Mentored Research Scientist Career Development Award (K01) ($659,525.00).


2003-2004 Connie Chapple and Kimberly A. Tyler. “Social, Educational, and Emotional Outcomes of Child Neglect.” Research Cluster Grants to Foster Interdisciplinary Research at UNL ($5,000.00).


2002-2003 Kimberly A. Tyler. Haas Faculty Award for Research in Sociology ($3,000.00).


2002-2003 Kimberly A. Tyler. UNL Layman Award ($9,632.00).


2001-2003 Kimberly A. Tyler. “Homeless Young Adults.” UNL Faculty Seed Grant ($4,335.00).

Research Reports

2016  Kimberly A. Tyler with Kristen Olson, Colleen Ray, and Rachel Schmitz. Homeless Youth and Young Adult Texting Project. Summary of Findings to Participating Agencies. University of Nebraska -Lincoln, Department of Sociology (June2016).  (Download this summary report below.)

2005 Kimberly A. Tyler with Katherine A. Johnson, Lisa A. Griepenstroh, and Bianca E. Bersani. Homeless Young Adult Project – Summary Report to Cedars, Iowa Homeless Youth Shelter, and Youth Emergency Services. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of Sociology. (Download this summary report below.)